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Diesel and gasoline industrial engines for sale

Diesel engines:
  • from 9.9kw to 74kw
  • horizontal liquid-cooled 5.15kw
  • oil cooled from 4.5kw to 7.0kw

Gasoline engines:
  • horizontal from 1.7kw to 14.1kw
  • vertical da 3.2kw a 15.5 kw
  • Four-stroke tilting in all directions

Gasoline engines:
  • micro from 0.8kw to 1.2kw
  • V-Twin from 13.4kw to 18.6kw
  • V-Twin injection from 20.8kw
  • OHV tilt from 8.5kw to 10.0kw
  • OHV vertical from 4.5kw to 8.2kw
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