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Excavator KUBOTA KX057-4


Kubota introduces the KX057-4, a new conventional tail swing model in the five-ton class. This new KX-4 Series compact excavator is designed to provide operators with enhanced performance and increased stability in open areas.

The KX057-4 offers an optional hydraulic float angle blade with 25-degree pivot angle for increased productivity; while the machine’s new design adds stability and lift capacity.


  • Kubota V2607-DI Engine
  • Hydraulic Angle Blade (Option)
  • Auxiliary Circuit 1 (Standard Equipment)
  • Auxiliary Circuit 2 (Optional)
  • Adjustable Maximum Oil Flow Control
  • Stronger bucket and arm breakout force
  • Wider, more comfortable cabin
  • Two speed travel
  • Auto shift
  • Wider working range
  • 3-pump load sensing system
  • 5 Lower track rollers
  • Powerful air conditioning
  • Thumb bracket and relief valve as standard
Download the commercial documentation (.pdf)
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