Bioshredder EKO Series

Bioshredders EKO

An EKO series bioshredder, build for maximum sturdiness, is an effective solution for every garden waste disposal need. It is especially useful in reducing the volume of plant remains, brushwood, bark, leves, shrubs and branches up to max. diameter of 5cm.


To completly shred and defibrate the products handled, making them easy prey for decomposing microorganisms. This provides prized biological compost, an excellent organic fartilizzer, at minimum cost.

Cutting system; this consists of a dual-chamber cutting system, where a rotor holds three slanted and three vertical bladesof hardened steel. The fins placed underneath the rotor help eject the material and prevent jams in the cutting area. This ensure excellent noise reduction.


Bioshredders EKO Bioshredders EKO Bioshredders EKO Bioshredders EKO
Dual-chamber cutting system, where a rotor holds three slanted and three vertical blades of hardened steel. Three-function switch; bioshedder starting, motor protection against excess strain, elettrical safety switch to cut off current when the hopper is opened. Large feeding opening which guarantees an easy introduction also of bulky items. The shredder body and the hopper can be easily detached to make cleaning, maintenance and transport easier.
Motor Type: Electric Single-phase Electric Single-phase Electric Three-phase Gasoline
Engine Power: 2,2 kW 2,6 kW 3,0 kW 3,2 kW
Volt/Hz 230/50 230-5 230/400-50 -
RPM 2800 2800 2800 2800
Size (mm) 740x530x1300 740x530x1300 740x530x1300 900x530x1300
PREZZO PROMOZIONALE560,00€*600,00€*650,00€*825,00€*


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